Two investment markets. One innovative strategy.

Overwhelming research shows investors achieve better results by avoiding active management in public stock markets. In addition, we also know there are compelling private investment opportunities that have the potential to lower risk or add return. By combining both passive and active strategies we build stronger portfolios for our clients.

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Strategy At a Glance

Strategy At a Glance

Where markets are largely efficient (such as publicly traded stocks), use low-cost, tax-efficient passive management.

Seek opportunities in less efficient areas (such as private equity, direct real estate and natural resources) that can help to further diversify or add potential returns.

To the extent risk tolerance will allow, orient towards equities that offer the benefits of ownership, over lending.

Execute market driven rebalancing through time, by systematically selling outperformers that become overweight, and reallocating to underweight positions.

Focus on tax management of the portfolio by tax-loss harvesting, asset location and specific tax lot analysis for cash needs and philanthropic gifts.

Unique access to world class investment managers.

World class private investment managers are hard to find and purposely keep their investor base limited. Fortunately, 30 years of relationship building have earned us a rare seat at the table, giving our clients access to investment opportunities alongside some of the leading endowments and foundations in the world.

Investment Principles

  • Patient Capital Mindset

    We take a patient, long-term view and avoid chasing performance and timing markets.

  • Opportunistic

    We seek investments outside of the
    mainstream, willing to explore areas of
    distress and dislocation.

  • Value-Biased

    We look to make investments at lower
    relative prices to intrinsic value.

  • Humility

    We are disciplined, but not dogmatic;
    we listen, think and adapt.

  • Rational Optimism

    Positivity about society fuels our
    faith in long-term investments.

Our People

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